Malela Waterfall that is called Mini Niagara has a beautiful view. it is at Kp.Cadas Kecamatan Rongga, West Bandung Regency, West Java.


Karaoke Muara Kasih Bunda – Erie Suzan (Slow Version)

Siapa sih yang gak kenal lagu Muara Kasih Bunda miliknya Erie Suzan? kali ini saya memposting lagu tersebut dengan versi terbarunya, versi slow yang pastinya lebih menyayat hati dan pasti membuat kalian termehek-mehek.

Kalian juga bisa membuat cover lagunya sendiri karena ini merupakan versi karaoke.

Berikut video clipnya. SELAMAT MENYAKSIKAN.


I’m laying down on my bed, stay up late, without do anything, just seeing the wall which is full by picture. I feel sleepy but I can’t sleep. Huhh insomnia, maybe. Oh, I was staying up late becouse I just help my cousin do her homework. She is a cute girl with long curly hair, she was thin and like screaming anymore, especially if she call her mother. “Mamaaaaaaa Mamaaaaaaa, she said. (She call her mother by Mama). In my opinion, she is enough noughty. Huhh never mind, just young girl. Upss I’m sorry, maybe.. This my srticle disconnected. Heheee I just try to write anything.

Oh ya, I remembered about one of the hotnews from television about “the bodies of Seneng Mujiasih and Sumarti Ningsih, who were allegedly murdered by a british banker in Hong Kong, have been repatreated to Indonesia” hhh.. I’m deeply sorry to heared that 😦 it’s too cruel. But I don’t know what was the motivation of that murdered. But when I moved the channel, I watched the news about a grandfather who can spawn. Ahahaaaa I can’t believe but it is so funny ahahaaaa *ROTFL* He must not go to store to buy eggs. Eheee hee.. Ahh never mind by me why it can occur. 😀 ok *SKIP.

Now, I still laid down on my bed with a handphone on my hands. Still write the post on my blog although my eyes has “hard” bocuse sleepy. As usually I always forget the time if I open my blog. Eheeehee.. What is it bad habit or good habit? I don’t know. Blee.. :p.

Ouch, it is a half past one AM now, already after midnight. To be continue dehh ahaaahaa.. 😀 I must go to sleep now. Upss I just remember, I haven’t learned tonight. 😦

Thanks for your visits. Good night.. Good morning.. Good afternoon.. Good evening..